Who We Are - HMW
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Who We Are

The expertise accumulated by HM Consultores over more than 30 years of activity in the olive and wine sectors was decisive in the design and structuring of a new consulting business unit with a 100% sectorial mission: HMW, Wine and Olive Oil.

2015 was HMW launch year. This milestone materialised the goal of strengthening the prestige, expertise and presence of HM Consultores in the field of management consultancy for the wine and olive oil sectors.

HMW was endowed with the capacity to raise the level of service, response and advice to customers, with something effective, valuable and with an aesthetic and functional sense, communicating in the same language.

HMW is the full affirmation of the willingness and intent to take the leadership and contribute for the positive competitiveness of the wine and olive sectors.

Knowledge Guarantees the Best Harvest