Operational Excellence - HMW
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Operational Excellence

HMW’s strategic unit dedicated to consulting in Operations and Industrial Engineering offers organisations a support and intervention service to improve their operational performance, in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

The aim of the operational performance is to undertake studies that guarantee continuous processes improvements, perceiving deviations and losses, analysing the causes, controlling and ensuring operational effectiveness through the implementation of an action plan and the identification of opportunities for improvement.

Implementing this type of systems has played a leading role in organizations, once they enable offering various advantages in the competitive market, thus providing success in the strategic business plan of organizations, besides productive efficiency.


Determining the current state of the operational performance and identifying needs

Forward thinking of the operations, supported by an action plan with the path to follow


Controlling and reporting activities, by comparing actual and estimated values


Defining the KPIs that will guide the success of the path of transformation