Invest in the Sector

HMW has registered strong growth since the moment its concept was launched in the market, increasingly investing in widely differentiating services, with an underlying permanent and specialised monitoring, which always aims to present solutions adjusted to the reality of each company, region and environment.

At present, HMW is one of the leading brands in the field of specialised services for wine-growing companies, particularly in the areas of Tax Incentives & Benefits, Management Systems, Operational Excellence and Corporate Finance & Real Estate.

Our portfolio comprises customers of organizations such as Aveleda, Esporão, Symington, Viniportugal, Soalheiro and Quinta De La Rosa.

More recently, we have developed a service and working methodology that enable us to approach, as quickly as possible, the audits our customers have recently been notified of by bodies outside those which manage the projects of the IVV, Internationalization of SMEs and RDP. Besides all the work prior to the audit, we have attended it, not neglecting all the follow-up work inherent to the process, as part of our compromise to the fulfilment of all the requirements and procedures demanded, minimizing any possible penalty to our client.

Last but not least, we have also been assisting our clients in the preparation of ProDeR reports, clearly aiming once again at responding as quickly as possible to this entity’s requests, freeing our clients from the entire bureaucratic burden.